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If you're looking for a free alternative to Spotify, without having to put up with adverts, there's a music service that everyone's talking about: Aurous

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Aurous comes along as a revolutionary concept to listen to music on the Internet. Known as the Popcorn Time for music, although its developer Andrew Sampson isn't too keen on this name, this music service offers us all the music we could possibly want via streaming by means of torrents.

The player of players.

Everyone who's tried out this service that intends to overthrow Spotify is surprised by the large amount of songs available, even by artists that aren't too friendly towards other music streaming alternatives. Furthermore, it comes along with an eye-catching design that hooks you on from the very first moment and also offers us a wide range of options that will help you stay with this service.

Well, staying with the service might not be so easy because, as you can imagine, the major music labels have already filed a lawsuit against Aurous, although it promises to carry on putting up a fight.

What can I do with Aurous?

  • Listen to all the music stored on my computer.
  • Import your playlists from other services such as Spotify.
  • Search by song, artist or album.
  • Purchase songs straight from the player.
  • Change the aspect of the user interface to our own liking.

The best thing about Aurous is that, for the time being, this online service doesn't include any bothersome adverts, so the user experience turns out being very pleasant. Let's hope it lasts.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires the installation of JDK 8 to work.
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