AutoHDR offers the user the possibility to create high dynamic range images without any effort. Improve your photos in an incredible way, download AutoHDR

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Photo cameras offer better results each day, but this doesn't prevent them from not capturing all the lighting of a certain view. This is mainly due to the fact that they need to focus on specific points and therefore pay no attention to the areas with higher and lower illumination. But this can be fixed with AutoHDR.

Transform your photos into HDR in three steps

AutoHDR is so easy to use that in three simple steps you will be able to convert any normal photo into a high dynamic range (or HDR) photo.

  1. Open AutoHDR, that doesn't even require installation.
  2. Drag the photo to its interface.
  3. Process the photo to view the resulting HDR image.

But as well as this, for those users that want to improve their images even more, AutoHDR includes a full range of preset profiles to improve a photo depending on the results that the user is looking for.

And if this weren't enough, the user will also have the possibility to change every single parameter of the photos to his own liking to reach the desired result.

Download AutoHDR for free, a very easy way to create high dynamic range photos.

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