AutoKrypt is a tool that will allow you to encrypt any file and protect it with a password. Download AutoKrypt and automate the file encryption process

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The quantity of personal data that we store on our computers nowadays is excessive. It is no longer strange to find files with bank passwords of confidential documents stores directly on the Windows desktop. That is why we have to suggest all users use an application like AutoKrypt to keep this information secure.

File encryption software

This security software allows us to encrypt in a very effective way any file or directory of our choice so that only those that know the password will be able to access its contents. AutoKrypt uses the PGP algorithm to encrypt whatever we tell it to, one of the most powerful encryption systems that exist.

As an outstanding function, AutoKrypt allows us to automate the encryption and decryption of any file or folder, so that they can be accessed during working hours and they are encrypted automatically when the workday is over.

The AutoKrypt interface gives away that it is an application developed in Java, includes tabs for the most important functions and a series of complete assistants to guide those that are less used to this kind of task.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial can be used for 30 days.
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