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Download AutoMZ Ultimate Tweaker free and make your PC work just like it used to. AutoMZ Ultimate Tweaker analyzes and optimizes your Windows system

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Many of us wait for the computer to start to fail before we start worrying about its performance. Normally, when Windows has already received a good number of patches, we have installed and uninstalled hundreds of programs and many files have been modified, we notice that nothing works like it did at the beginning. At that moment we will be able to use AutoMZ Ultimate Tweaker.

  This software is a Windows analyzer and optimizer. Once started it will detect all our hardware to configure all the operating system options in the most optimal manner. Furthermore, it will clean the registry, eliminate temporary files, review the startup files, improve the configuration of the Internet connections, optimize our browsers and activate and deactivate some options depending on what we indicate.

  It would be convenient to carry out these optimizations now and again to make sure that our PC doesn't deteriorate, and in case it does so, AutoMZ Ultimate Tweaker includes a backup tool to maintain the Windows Registry safe.
Michael Zacharias
Over a year ago
6 months ago
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