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Analyze, control and supervise your computer's network with AutoScan Network. Know what happens on the whole network by downloading AutoScan Network free

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Computer networks are one of the most complicated elements to configure, optimize and control that can be found in a computer system. That's why tools like AutoScan Network are very useful to know each network in depth.

Full control over your network of computers

This software completely tracks any network that we are connected to, giving us back very detailed information about its components, protocols, and subnets almost instantly. AutoScan Network is capable of automatically detecting the networks and obtaining data from them in real-time so that we know what happens at any given moment.

We will be able to know what happens in the computers as well as the routers, servers or firewalls. Even the printers connected to the network will be monitored. Furthermore, any service will also be shown depending on the protocol that it uses (SMTP, HTTP, POP, FTP...)Any data tree that AutoScan Network shows us can be printed or saved in XML format. We also have to take into account the possibility to detect intruders in the network depending on the blacklist that we will be able to configure, as well as its capacity as a Telnet client.

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Antony Peel
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