With Autostitch you will be able to create amazing panoramic views from several images. Download Autostitch and easily create panoramic compositions

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When taking photos, on many an occasion we are unable to capture the full scope of the scenery due to the fact that the camera's lens is unable to capture the full angle, so we are forced to take various photos if we want to capture, for example, a mountain's full magnificence or the entire width/length of an avenue.

  Autostitch is a tool that will help us to automatically create panoramic compositions from several photos, this means that we only have to take vertical or horizontal photos in which the edges overlap (so we don't leave any blank space) and the program will do the rest for us.

  The application allows us to edit the images scale, the RANSAC parameters, the panoramic photographs final size and the quality of the resulting JPG file. This will let us customize each montage we decide to create. We will also be able to determine the amount of memory the application can use during the process, thus determining the amount of time the application takes to finish the composition.

  Surprise your family and friends with photos that are impossible to take in one shot, thanks to Autostitch.
Requirements and additional information:
This is a limited version of the program.
Matthew Brown
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