2.31 Fix and tune the tone of an audio sample or vocal recording with AutoTune. Download AutoTune for free on your PC and fix your samples that are out of tune
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Many musicians that work using sampling techniques have the problem of finding samples that aren't tuned, so when a melody is played, it sounds out of tune, so before loading any sound on the sampler, it is highly advisable to prepare the sounds with a tool like AutoTune.

  It's a small utility that analyzes the sound sample that we choose and it tunes them to a note of our choice, allowing us to change the sample frequency, modify the channels, eliminate the DC or normalize the files. The entire process is carried out from a very simple interface, from which we'll be able to configure everything.

  Since it's a complicated process, the application uses quite a lot of our system's resources, so it's advisable not to have any other process active while we tune samples with AutoTune.

  If you want to make sure that all the samples that you're going to use are perfectly tuned and ready to be launched from a sampler, download AutoTuner a simple and free tool.
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Antony Peel
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