AutoUp is a small executable that automates the connectivity to Internet when the system boots up. Download AutoUp free to easily connect to Internet

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Advances Windows users keep on using the command line for many tasks and to configure certain options they resort to small executable files that make things a little bit easier, as can happen with AutoUp, that automates the connection to Internet.

Configure your connection

How AutoUp works is rather simple, because by means of this small executable you will be able to configure how the computer will connect to Internet during the start up process, configuring specific variables.

Among the noteworthy features of AutoUp:

  • Connect/disconnect the computer to/from Internet.
  • Show the NT connection information.
  • Show a list with the services that are active.

Therefore, if you are an advanced Windows user and you can configure different options from the command line terminal, you can't miss the opportunity to download AutoUp to make it a lot easier to configure the Internet connection for the system boot up.

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