Avant Browser

2018 build 7

Avant Browser is a quick free web browser with the Internet Explorer engine. Download Avant Browser on your PC and check out its great speed and efficiency

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Avant Browser is an interesting alternative to other browsers currently on the market. As well as being free, it is possibly one of the quickest browsers. Based on the Internet Explorer engine, it offers a very competitive web page download speed. If you want to try out an alternative browser, Avant Browser will meet all your expectations.

An ultra-fast web browser

This web browser has interesting features for everyone's liking: it has a private mode that doesn't keep the web data on your computer, so that other people that use your computer won't be able to see the sites that you have visited; it solves the problems caused by the use of Ajax technologies that cause some browsers to freeze; with the Avant Browser technology we can manage to increase the browsing speed and diminish the use of CPU.

Discover aspects that will make you decide to use this interesting browser.

Avant Browser also allows you to block several elements, like images, sounds, Flash animations, videos, ActiveX or scripts, to speed up the browsing and increase your security.

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