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Avant Window Navigator provides an elegant dock to use in Linux. Download Avant Window Navigator for free and customize your favorite Linux distributions

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Avant Window Navigator, also known as AWN, is a dock, similar to the one included in the Mac OS X systems, from which it is possible to easily access the applications and folders of our choice.

  The most appealing feature of this development is the elegance that is imbues to any desktop, as well as its practicality, due to the fact that to open the folders or programs that we use most it will no longer be necessary to browse through dozens of menus.

  Furthermore, this desktop improvement offers the possibility to expand its features by means of plug-ins, like controllers for music players or progress bars for the active downloads, to set just a few examples.

  Another of the important options of Avant Window Navigator is that it is possible to customize its general appearance, with the main objective of adapting it as much possible to our desktop and our wallpaper.

  Download AWN as soon as possible, and discover the most comfortable way to access your favorite tools and folders.
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