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Download AVG LinkScanner for Mac free of charge to detect malicious webpages and links. AVG LinkScanner works together with your usual antivirus software

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Improve your level of protection on the web thanks to AVG LinkScanner, a tool to detect suspicious links and webpages, that also protects you against malicious messages and is capable of working together with your usual antivirus.

Browse, search and make the most of the Internet, avoiding malicious webpages and the links that lead you to them.


  • Improve the security of your web browsing with this real-time protection tool.
  • Verify each link of a page before you click on them.
  • Keep your personal identity and your computer's private information always safe.
  • Classify the webpages you visit correctly.

Forewarned is forearmed

Links can be the entrance to your system of all sorts of malware infections. The Internet is full of malicious contents hidden behind links. Now, thanks to AVG LinkScanner you can anticipate and know which links and webs are malicious before you access them.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This application must update to be able to detect the latest threats, requiring an active Internet connection to do so.
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