AVG Rescue CD


AVG Rescue CD is a rescue disc that allows you to scan and fix the system if it won't load for any reason. Download AVG Rescue CD and repair your computer

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When a virus really affects our operating system, it can actually render it totally useless. This means, that Windows won't even load because the virus has damaged something that was essential for the operating system to work. In these cases, the only option that we have left is to format or use a rescue CD like AVG Rescue CD.

  This complete rescue CD includes, as well as a powerful antivirus by the developer, quite a few utilities, among which the following are worth highlighting: Midnight Commander, a multiwindow file manager that is similar to Explorer; Windows Registry Editor, to edit any Windows Registry entry that we deem suspicious; and TestDisk, to check that the hard drive is working properly, as well as a pack of utilities to fix the system that have been extracted directly from Linux.

  This AVG Rescue CD is really a Linux distribution that has been specially adapted to be able to start the AVG scanner and the tools necessary to search for all sorts of viruses or configuration problems on a Windows computer.
Requirements and additional information:
It is necessary to burn the ISO on to a CD and boot from the CD/DVD drive to start the LiveCD.
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