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Protect your Linux personal computer with Avira AntiVir. Stop suffering the power of destruction of malicious software, download Avira AntiVir for free

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How is your computer doing in terms of security? Avira AntiVir is an antivirus software capable of protecting your Linux distribution against all sorts of malicious attacks: rootkits, worms, trojans...

Millions of users from all over the world have put their trust in Avira.

Scan your computer searching for malware and get rid of it, browse your favorite pages in a secure manner... Avira AntiVir is the security solution that you've always wanted.

Features of Avira AntiVir

  • System Scanner to prevent all sorts of infections.
  • AHeAD technology for the treatment of suspicious code.
  • Autoconfiguration system to make the user's tasks easier.

Download Avira AntiVir Workstation for Linux free of charge, a command line antivirus, and make the most of a powerful protection tool against all sorts of hazardous and harmful software.

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