Avira DNS Repair

Download Avira DNS Repair free and check if you have been infected by the DNSChanger trojan. With Avira DNS Repair you'll be able to modify your PC's DNS

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DNSChanger is a trojan that is causing real headaches all over the world. This virus has already infected four million computers, modifying the DNS values of all of them.

DNSChanger acts by redirecting searches towards dangerous websites, from which it is possible for the user to be a victim of a fraudulent phishing operation, where it will be possible to download programs that are actually malware of some kind and, to sum up, sites where it isn't at all convenient to enter. Nevertheless, the Avira computing security company has developed Avira DNS Repair.

This tool will take care of detecting if a computer has been infected and modifying the DNS values of the computer, returning them to those that are provided automatically by Windows.


  • Simple analysis tool: instantly find out if your computer has had its DNS modified.
  • Doesn't require installation, simply launch this software and you are ready.

Hurry up!

The FBI took control of the servers from which this malware was propagating, replacing them with two of their own that will stop working from the 8 of march 2012 onwards. If you don't want your PC to have no access whatsoever to the Internet the best thing you can do is use DNS Repair.

Download Avira DNS Repair for free and you'll be able to remove the DNSChanger trojan from your computer.

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