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Access NTFS partitions from operating systems based on DOS with Avira NTFS4DOS. Working with these partitions requires that you download Avira NTFS4DOS free

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With the arrival of Windows 2000 (even though NT already implemented it) Microsoft stopped using the FAT32 file system to format disks and started using NTFS, a modern, renovated and secure file system. With this change it lost its compatibility with DOS, so if it comes the case that we have to access an NTFS partition from an operating system based on DOS, we will need the help of Avira NTFS4DOS.

  This software, created by the famous security software company, allows you to create a floppy disk by means of which we will manage that any system based on DOS, like MS-DOS or FreeDOS will be able to access partitions formatted as NTFS. The systems based on DOS, can only manage partitions based on the FAT32 or inferior format, as well as having limitations in what regards to the size of the partitions, the files and the format of the names (usually 8 letters for the name and 3 for the extension).

  Once we launch Avira NTFS4DOS, an assistant will open asking for the floppy disk (the data of which will be deleted), in order to install the drivers and the applications necessary to have access to read and write on an NTFS driver/partition without any problems on a DOS platform.
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