Apply great effects and post-production filters to your videos with AviSynth, a frameserver and scripting language. Download AviSynth for free now

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AviSynth is a scripting language dedicated to video post-production that is able to complete a wide range of processes and non-linear edits. What we are talking about is a set of DLL filters capable of many different tasks.

Instant editing without temporary files.

The application works as a frameserver without a graphic interface. The scripting language is simple yet extremely powerful and works through text files that can be opened in any media player. All you have to do is rename their extension to ".avs".

Other features

  • Numerous internal and external filters: color editions, image cropping, etc.
  • Check the web for a complete syntax and scripts manual.
  • Participate in the development of the scripts if you are a programmer.

Download AviSynth free, an indispensable post-production tool, and start work on your videos!

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