Download Avogadro for free and design molecules performing all kinds of calculations. The functions of Avogadro can be expanded with scripts and plug-ins

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Technology is the fruit of science that we get most benefits from, that's why the vast majority of scientists and researchers worldwide use computing to be able to carry out all kinds of calculations and tests, thanks to programmes such as Avogadro.

  Avogadro is an advanced molecule editor, that apart from being handy for the of the components of matter, is also a great tool to teach chemistry and biology.

  The program has an interface that is similar to that of a 3D drawing programme, which allows you to create molecules, connect them with each other, change the point of view, assign movements and view the atomic changes in real-time.

  The best feature of this application is that it offers us the possibility to increase its options by means of scripts and plug-ins, thanks to which we can perform specific calculations or generate molecules that are much more complex.

  If you were looking for an application to be able to design all kinds of molecules under a very attractive and complete interface, download Avogadro.
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