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Azur Lane is an Android game coming from China in which we have to manage a float of warships from World War II in order to defeat all our enemies

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If you haven't heard about it until now, you should know that Azur Lane is a Chinese shoot'em up video game that takes place during World War II featuring anime personifications of battleships. It's basically a mobile shooter game in APK format for Android, although with many elements from other genres such as RPG, in which our goal is to obviously defend our float and wipe out our enemies.

Battleship game for Android.

These floats include battleships that are personified mainly as girls of manga or anime aesthetics and that represent the most important nations that took part in the greatest armed conflict in history, as is the case of the USA, UK, Japan, and Germany. A 2D side-scroll that won't leave you cold, especially if you're a fan of Battleship games.

Main features

  • Game that combines genres as different as 2D shooters, RPGs, and warfare games.
  • Clear anime or manga aesthetics.
  • Organize your float with up to 6 ships and penetrate the enemy lines to defeat them.
  • Over 300 famous ships from WWII including the Bismarck, the HMS Belfast or the Mikasa.
  • Colllect different ships and make them evolve to be able to save the world.
  • Rather bizarre plots in parallel in which we can decorate the houses of the main characters (remember that we're talking about boats) and even have them get married.
Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.3.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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6 months ago
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