Do you need to translate a text? Do it directly from your desktop thanks to Babelbox, a widget capable of translating texts from one language to another

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A lot of the contents that we can find over the Internet aren't in our own language, making it necessary to resort to a translation application to be able to understand the information that we have found.

A practical translator for PC

Babelbox is a practical widget for the desktop that makes it easier to be able to translate between two languages, because it only requires that the user pastes a text or URL, select the original language and wait for the application to provide a result. It has a very appealing interface, mainly due to its lively colors and rounded edges. The application is capable of translation from English to Spanish, German, French, Portuguese and Italian, from German to English and French, from French to English and German, and from Spanish, Portuguese and Italian to English.

Therefore, if you want the translation of any text to be as simple and quick as possible download and install Babelbox as soon as possible.

Scott McLure
Scott McLure
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