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Baboom is the online music service announced by Kim Dotcom. Singers and bands can manage their musical projects on Baboom, without record labels meddling

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Spotify and iTunes are in for some fierce competition. Kim Dotcom, the owner of the former direct download service, Megaupload, is now back with Baboom.

A site where musicians manage their projects

What's was supposed to be called Megabox has turned out to be known as Baboom, and it's nothing else than an online music service on which artists can publish their projects. Not only their songs, which can be downloaded in different formats, but also other contents, including photo albums, videos and their Internet activities. All the latter with the resources necessary in each case to play the files that are hosted.

An online space that will change the music industry's standards.


  • Music streaming service.
  • Image and video gallery.
  • Free download of music in MP3, WAV and FLAC, and video in MP4.
  • Playback controls for the files hosted.
  • Possibility to follow each artist's online activities.

Turning the music industry inside out

Kim Dotcom intends to convert Baboom into a platform of reference for music artists, where they can manage their projects freely without worrying about record labels. This idea has aroused mistrust in the music industry as, according to its creators, it intends to revolutionize the music management models as we know it at present.

Requirements and additional information:
  • For the time being, only Kim Dotcom's music background is available.
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