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Baby Web Server is what you need for your web. This web server is very simple and has support for ASP technology. Download Baby Web Server for free

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Baby Web Server is a small web server, that is very simple and easy to use. Just as its name indicates. That doesn't mean that the projects is still in its infancy, it's just that it can't be compared to other programs like Apache, for example. Nevertheless, to mount a small website at home taking into account ASP technology as a basis, the truth is that Baby Web Server fulfils its purpose perfectly.

  Unlike Microsoft IIS, Baby Web Server hasn't been designed to be used in large companies to manage websites, services and large servers. Baby Web Server has been designed with the only idea of offering a basic service to the user without overwhelming him/her with thousands of options, configurations and possible optimizations.

  In fact, when you download Baby Web Server for free you won't even have to install it. You'll only have to launch the application, that is already completely configured, and you'll have a server working on your computer.

  Despite already including a default configuration, you'll also be able to access it and change it if you wish, because the settings are just the basic ones and they will be very easy to understand for anyone with a minimum of Internet and computing knowledge.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
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