Badtrans Removal Tool

If you are ever infected by the Badtrans virus resort to Badtrans Removal Tool, a solution developed by BitDefender. Download Badtrans Removal Tool free
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Since 2001 is a worm known as Badtrans has been distributed over the Internet, with the objective of robbing all kinds of personal information. This virus mainly affected the Outlook users, because it spreads by means of this electronic mail client when it is launched on Windows 95, 98, Millenium, NT4 and 2000.

Tool to remove Badtrans

Badtrans activates without being necessary to click on the attached file, it analyzes our Outlook contact list and starts to spread, sending mail to all the people that we have in our address book, thus spreading very quickly and efficiently.

BitDefender has a solution to solve this problem called Badtrans Removal Tool, which allows us to eliminate this worm from our system and thus avoid distributing a new contact and protect our personal information.

If you think that your computer may be infected, download and launch Badtrans Removal Tool, this is the only way that you may make sure that your computer is free of any threat.

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Scott McLure
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