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5.6.0 BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! for Android devices explores the Japanese idols' bands world with lots of beautiful girls, cool animations and a great story
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This Japanese app offers a rhythm game mixed with a visual novel with wonderfully animated characters and the participation of marvelous seiyuus (Japanese dubbers). The game is based on the famous Japanese franchise BanG Dream!, which has several mangas, anime series, light novels, card games, and even a musical group.

In this game, our mission will be to "play" different themes through a system similar to the classic Guitar Hero: we will have to press the notes at the right time as they fall from the top of the screen. Depending on the difficulty and speed chosen, we will have to press the notes at full speed at the right time to unlock special animations when we make combos.

To make the game even more complicated, there are different types of music notes: simple notes, combined notes which need to be pressed at the same time and special notes that we have to press and hold following the indicated patterns. The more accurate, the higher the score.

Play original songs and versions of popular J-Pop artists and anime songs!

Play your favorite songs

Throughout the game, we can play over 140 songs, including original songs, J-Pop artist songs and famous anime songs, such as Digimon, Naruto or Evangelion themes. You can perform all these songs in a live concert with five bands of cute girls. Two of those bands are from the official anime (Poppin'Party and Roselia), and the other three have been created for the occasion (Afterglow, Pastel * Palettes and Hello, Happy World!).

Also, the game features a real-time cooperative mode where you can play songs with players from all over the world and a hilarious story mode with visual novel elements. We can watch funny conversations between band members as the characters move smoothly and listen to their Japanese seiyuus (if we choose to download the voices). Each group has different chapters and we can also unlock special stories according to the time of year.

Of course, throughout our adventure, we will also be able to get new songs and members for our group. Undoubtedly, this game is a real delight in which the developers of Bushiroad International have exploited their potential to the maximum.

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Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
Bushiroad International
3 months ago
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