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Have fun creating original stylings for princesses, fairies, superheroes and unicorns for Barbie and her friends in the game Barbie Magical Fashion

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If your children are fans of the most famous doll in history and begin to show curiosity about styling, they will love this game from the developers of Budge Studiios. Not only can we style, make up and dress Barbie and her friends, but we can also create complete styles of mermaids, superheroes, fairies and unicorns.

You can become a princess, a mermaid, a fairy, a heroine or a combination of the four things!

Dress and make up Barbie and her colleagues

Barbie Magical Fashion offers us a game for all ages, reducing texts to a minimum. In this way, we will receive the instructions through a voice over, which will indicate what we will have to do at each step.

To start, the first thing we will have to do is choose one of the models. Next, we will have to give it a magical look with different makeup and templates. The next thing is to comb our model and put fantastic locks in her hair. Once we are happy with the result, it is time to choose a tiara and a pendant, as well as the precious stones that will adorn it.

All your dreams will come true with Barbie!

The next step is to select the dress that we most like and its colour. Finally, we have to choose shoes and their colour and the background scenario. Now our work will be done and the only thing missing is our signature, which we can do by drawing with the finger on the screen.

What is more, if we buy the full version of the game (for a small fee), we can add layers and superheroes costumes, fairy wings and mermaid tails, among other options. In addition, we can also play stylists with beautiful unicorns. The free version may fall a little short, but if your children like the Barbie doll, they will definitely have a great time choosing hairstyles, makeup and dresses for her and her friends.

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María Eugenia Morón
María Eugenia Morón
Budge Studios
Over a year ago
This year
125.3 MB

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