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Enjoy yourself playing Barricade. Become the first player capable of reaching the finish thanks to your strategy by downloading Barricade for free

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Barricade is a board game in which the objective is to reach the finish line. To accomplish this objective we have to advance positions along the board, avoiding obstacles and creating them to prevent that our rivals advance.

  The playing mechanism reminds in some way of the classic Parcheesi, even though here strategy is a lot more important.

  In each turn we can only move to specific positions, depending on the number that we got when we threw the die.

  In this game, strategy is as important as luck, as we must calculate at what moment it is most convenient to block rivals, attack them or protect our counters.

  If we are lucky in the die throw, we can create and destroy barricades, and even kill opposing counters.

  We will be able to play against the computer, or against up to another three players at that same time, this being the best number of players to have a good time.

  An addictive and original board game to develop our intelligence solo or with friends.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires a ZIP compatible compressor. It is necessary to have Java installed for this download to work.
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