Bart allows to synchronize files between folders. Create a new folder with exactly the same contents than another once you download Bart free on your PC

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Bart is a program that may be somewhat simple, but nevertheless, applied in modern work environments it can become an essential tool. The task of this software is to create backup copies of the folders that you indicate, with the idea that there are always two copies of the same file updated in two different places, but without having to worry about duplicate files.

  The program's interface is rather simple, because you will only need to select those folders that you want to make sure of synchronizing (without worrying about which unit or kind of support they are on) and waiting for the application to carry out the appropriate tasks.

  What's more, the program allows you to select which extensions you don't want to duplicate or synchronize, so that when you're working with image or video projects, for example, you wont be moving raw files unnecesarily.

  Discover a great utility to synchronize folders, thanks to Bart.
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