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Help the young character of the Android game Baseball Boy! to hit the ball as far as possible with his bat, sending it to the other side of the neighborhood

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The video game studio VOODOO has got us used to simple games in terms of graphics and plot, but with a tremendously addictive gameplay. To the present, they've managed to delight millions of gamers with titles of the likes of Dune!, Dunk Hit or Idle Balls, to name just a few of their most downloaded apps.

Now they're back with a game of the same style but with slightly better graphics, in 3D, and with bright eye-catching colors. We're talking about Baseball Boy!, a game with just one single goal: to help our character to hit the ball with his bat further and further, with even more strength and avoiding the different obstacles. Obstacles because this kid hasn't found any other place to play than in the middle of his neighborhood, surrounded by trees, houses, and street lights.

Hit the ball as far as you can and become a baseball professional.

Earn money and improve your bat

If you think about it carefully, your only goal in this game is to hit a ball choosing its direction and strength. Without any extra incentives, you can consider it boring but the guys at VOODOO know what they're doing. The game incorporates a system of virtual coins that the player will win game after game to gradually improve his precision and the force of the bat, allowing the kid to hit the ball further and further. Furthermore, it shows us a bar with a distance target that will allow us to unlock a new crazier bat if we reach that distance: a banana, a fish, a stop signal, a pipe, a hammer... OK, so it's not the best game you've ever played but it's enough to get thousands of players glued to their screens.

The game is totally free of charge and you can download its APK file without problems. However, if you really like it, you should think about paying the in-app purchase that removes the adverts as it's quite invasive and annoying.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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