Batch Imager Batch Imager is a small application that allows to apply various effects to a set of images at the same time. Download Batch Imager free to apply changes
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There are certain moments at which it is necessary to make various changes to a set of photographs in a single attempt, because changing each of them individually is a very arduous task. For this kind of situations the best thing is to use an application like Batch Imager.

Edit as many photographs as you like

Batch Imager is an application that has been developed to make it as easy as possible to to carry out many of the tasks that are normally completed with image batches, like the possibility to change their size or compress their format so that they occupy a lot less space.

To be more precise, V-Methods Batch Imager allows to:

  • Rescale the images.
  • Rotate the images.
  • Modify the saturation and hue.
  • Apply masks.
  • Overlay text.
  • Change their formats or compression (JPEG, PNG or GIF).

Batch Imager is a project that is still under development process, thus its developers are going to keep on adding features as time goes by, thus making it a good idea to keep track of the project.

Therefore, is you want to apply various effects to a group of images without having to go one by one, the best idea is to download Batch Imager.

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Scott McLure
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