Always know how much charge your laptop has by downloading Battery4Life for free. Battery4Life shows the information graphically and incorporates an alarm

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Knowing the exact charge level of a laptop computer's battery is something essential. Even though it is very common to use laptops in places where there are no problems to plug them in, it isn't pleasant to turn the computer on and realize that the battery is about to run out when there isn't a plug nearby. Now, with Battery4Life this will no longer happen.

  This program will know at all times the charge that is left in the battery, so that we will be able to know the exact level before leaving our house with the computer. A big graphic representation of a battery fills most of the program's interface, and on top of the battery we will see the digits that indicate the exact percentage of the battery that is left. Thus you will be able to know if you still have various hours of battery or only a few minutes left.

  Furthermore, it's possible to configure a series of different sound alarms to alert us about the fact that the battery is running out, so that you can react on time. Between the alarms, the program's interface and the icon it places in the system tray, you'll no longer be able to say that you didn't know that the battery was running out.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires a RAR compatible compressor.
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