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Battleswarm combines real-time strategy and shots. You can play with two different armies: marines or aliens. Download Battleswarm for free on your PC

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In modern games it's possible to enjoy the action while it's our character that brandishes the weapons thanks to shooters, or on the contrary, we can decide to be the battle strategists that order the troops around thanks to the real-time strategy games (RTS). Battleswarm is a game that will allow us to enjoy both of these kinds of games, by facing one against the other.

  This online game will allow us to choose between two sides: the Marines, with whom we will enjoy the direct action, and the Aliens, whom we'll order around with our strategies. Thus, it is possible to face hardcore gamers of both action and strategy games in equal conditions.

  We'll have dozens of extensive maps available, on which we can fight out battles between marines and aliens, confronting hundreds of users from all over the world in each one of the game rooms.

  The game will also allow us to buy new weapons (in exchange for real money), as well as all kind of improvements for our characters.

  If you want to have the chance to finish off strategy lovers by firing away or you want to give a tactical demonstration to those that only know how to shoot, download Battleswarm now.
Requirements and additional information:
It's necessary to create a free user account to be able to play this game. This download requires an Internet connection to update the game to the latest version.
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