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BBC Media Player is the multimedia player for Android smartphones and tablets that allows you to watch the programs of the UK's public television company

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The BBC or British Broadcasting Corporation is probably one of the most renowned public radio-broadcasting companies in the world. It has plenty of experience, starting off with its radio broadcasts in 1922 to then carry out its first TV broadcast in 1936. It has played a very important role over the last 100 years of British history being decisive, for instance, to keep the spirits high during World War II

Times have changed since the first radio broadcasts. To such an extent that here we have its own multimedia player to follow all its programs. We're talking about BBC Media Player with which we can watch TV broadcasts and listen to radio programs on our Android smartphone or tablet.

All the BBC's channels on your phone.

Main features

The app comes along with the following features:

  • Access live broadcasts on channels such as BBC One, BBC Two or BBC News.
  • Tune into different radio stations such as BBC Radio, Radio 1, Radio 4, and others.
  • Access the contents of other applications and web services maintained by the corporation, such as BBC Sports with sports news or the weather information on BBC Weather.
  • Watch live programs or repeats up to 30 days after their broadcast.
  • Notifications for calls and messages whilst playing videos.

Does that mean we can watch the BBC outside the UK?

Well, we're sorry to say that you can't. You can download the app in any country without trouble but you won't be able to play any channels if you're not in a country where the BBC usually broadcasts. However, you can always resort to a VPN app to spoof your IP address to pretend that you're in England or Scotland for instance.

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