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Be The Judge is a puzzle game where you will play the role of a judge who decides the sentence for the accused based on clues from the crime scene.

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Any of us at some point, on hearing of a court sentence, have reacted by agreeing or disagreeing without stopping to think about whether we know all the details that the judge who handed it down has had to assess. With Be The Judge we can put on the robe and pick up the mallete (the judge's gavel, that's its name) and decide who is guilty and who is innocent in the face of alleged crimes.

A game of visual acuity

In this game we will have to face different cases in which one or more people have committed an act that has brought them to justice. To do so, we will have to evaluate the action they have committed, looking at the scene that illustrates their story, to discover the motivation that led them to commit the alleged offence. For example, the defendant disconnected a sick person from his drip: did he want to kill him or save his life because the contents of the drip were poisoned? These are the kinds of things we will have to find out.

Once we have discovered the motivation, we will have to make a judgement and deliver a guilty verdict and acquittal or conviction if deserved. If we have done well, we will be rewarded and we will be champions of the world of justice; if not, we will be failures in the legal world.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
Shay O’Toole
Shay O’Toole
Matchingham Games
3 months ago
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