Download BearFlix for free, a P2P tool that makes the most of the Gnutella network to download video files. BearFlix is an application based on BearShare

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BearShare in one of the most popular programs when it comes to file sharing over P2P networks, and now its developers have decided to launch an application optimized for video downloads called BearFlix.

  What we really have here is a version of BearShare that has been specifically prepared to find and download videos (over the Gnutella network), using the exact same interface (except some minor changes in the menus) and maintaining the same kind of configuration and functioning.

  Since it has been optimized to share video files, the program is much quicker at providing us results than other generic P2P applications, and it includes an option that will allow us to preview the files that we're downloading from the program itself.

  Other interesting features of BearFlix are its inbuilt parental control system (thanks to which it will be impossible to access pornographic contents) and the antivirus protection that it includes, which make the application the perfect option to build up your video collection.
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