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If you are a fan of zombies and original games, you will love BeastBoyShub, a fun Android game application where we will have to shoot all the zombies

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There are zombie games for everyone. If you want to try a new version that offers a rather original experience, this Android game is a great option. The basis of hand-drawn graphics with rather childish designs will be the scenario where we have to finish off as many zombies as we can before we become their lunch.

A massacre of innocent-looking zombies

The mission of this game is to shoot as many zombies as we can before they eat us. The matches are usually short, although it depends on our skill as shooters.

To control the main character, we have two sets of buttons With the left one, we will move around the screen, while with the right one, we will shoot, being able to change the angle of the shots with the direction buttons.

Help BeastBoyShub survive the zombie hordes!

Throughout our adventure, we will unlock new weapons and collect power-ups and items that will help us destroy the zombies that are trying to eat our tormented protagonist's brain. The game is set with the real voices of BeastBoyShub. All these elements, combined with the peculiar graphic design, provides a sense of innocence to an apparently violent and bloody game.

In addition, there is also a world ranking board so you can compete with other players. A pretty simple concept, but really nice and fun.

Requirements and additional information:
Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
Diego Schirò
Over a year ago
More than a year ago
69 MB

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