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BeauTimer is a simple timer for Linux that allows you to control the time for each task. Download BeauTimer to your PC free and increase your productivity

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To be efficient at work, it's necessary to control the amount of time you spend on each task. Timers are perfect for this purpose, and this kind of software provides a large variety of programs to choose the one that you like the most, like for example BeauTimer.

BeauTimer is a lightweight application that is very easy to use. Punch in the time that you want to spend on a task and press start. The countdown will start and let you know by means of an alarm once you have reached the time limit you had established.

The interface of BeauTimer doesn't require great any sort of embellishment since it's a program that is dedicated to a specific purpose, productivity, not requiring anything extremely appealing visually. The countdown is shown by means of a circle with two colors, that represent the time that has gone by and the amount that's left. Below the latter you'll be able to find two buttons, "Pause" and "Stop". No need for further explanations, right?

One of the advantages of BeauTimer is that it's possible to see how time goes by from the icon to launch of the application launcher thanks to its integration with Unity. Thus, you'll be able to minimize the tool and clear the screen to work on other tasks. By simply moving the mouse over it, you'll be able to see a progress bar, a minimized alternative to the abovementioned circle.

Take control of time by downloading BeauTimer for free, a light and functional tool to complete all kinds of tasks and control the time used to do so.

Requirements and additional information:

  • To make the most of this software it's necessary to have the new Ubuntu Unity desktop environment installed.
  • It's only compatible with systems based on Ubuntu/Debian.

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