Beini is a LiveCD operating system ideal to audit the encryption of Wi-Fi or wireless networks that incorporates tools to recover WEP and WPA passwords

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Thanks to Beini, a lightweight LiveCD Linux distribution, you'll be able to audit Wi-Fi networks. This utility includes an ideal pack of tools designed to work with the security of wireless networks.

Test the security of the encryption of Wi-Fi access points.

Tools available in Beini

With Beini recovering WEP and WPA passwords is easier than ever due to the tools it includes:

  • A WiFi scanner: basically a detector of wireless networks to find nearby connections and measure the intensity of their signal.
  • A packet injection tool: to attack WiFi networks selecting the card, the listening mode, and the type of attack.

As you can see, despite being sold officially as a WiFi password recovery tool, it can also be used to attack networks to connect to the Internet for free, although we would never recommend it for such purpose.


  • Small distribution based on Linux and optimized to audit wireless networks.
  • Burn the ISO image on a CD or copy it to a USB device.
  • Compatible with a large number of devices and Wi-Fi cards.

Check the security of a wireless network thanks to Beini, with which it will be much easier to audit the encryption of Wi-Fi networks. Download Beini for free!

Requirements and additional information:
  • You need to burn the ISO onto a CD or USB pendrive to make it run.
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User opinions

  • Hi Michka, once you have Beini on your flash disc (appropriately unzipped), you have to reboot your PC and access the BIOS to change the boot system to your optical disc. Cheers!

  • How do I run the download from the flash disc now?

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