Beonr is a tool that allows to view the images hosted on Flickr on your desktop. Download Beonr and you will have the Flickr photographs on your desktop

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The famous online photograph storage site Flickr, lacks some features. One of the problems is that you can only view the photographs from its website. Nevertheless, since its a web 2.0, it has a rather complete API that allows Beonr to show the photographs of our choice on our desktop, without having to access the browser.

Flickr viewer for PC

This lightweight application, can be configured to show the photographs of our choice in a very eye-catching way. We will have the option of choosing what photographs we want to see, by selecting the "tag" of the photographs to be shown, or we can let Flickr choose for use.

It has a carefully tended interface, a small toolbar to control the images that appear every few seconds on our desktop, all framed in a white frame that improves the visibility of the photographs and has a nice decorative element.

Logically, if we see any photograph that we really like, with a click of the mouse, the application will launch our browser with the Flickr website where we can check its license, different sizes and other data regarding the photograph.

Scott McLure
Scott McLure
Beon Network Solutions S.L.
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