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Enjoy with the BetOnYou app your favorite games by challenging other players. Win prizes that can be redeemed for gifts and discounts at online stores

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Are you good at Fortnite, FIFA, Call of Duty, or any other? Then, you may want to download BetOnYou. With this application, you will be able to make the most of your gaming skills by betting on yourself in your games.

Choose your games, find your opponents and prepare to win

On this platform, each player has virtual money. This can be bet against other users who are going to play the same game, so the game becomes more interesting in terms of competitiveness, simply choose the game, platform, and start the game. However, you will need to identify yourself with your player ID to be matched.

In each of these games, an amount of money is wagered, and the winner gets OctoCoins, which can be exchanged for gifts and special discounts in different online stores that collaborate with this platform. And if you run out of money, you can always acquire more by buying them with real money.

This way, the app offers a quick and easy way to monetize the skill with certain video games and the time spent on them.

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Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
6 months ago
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