1.0.2 is here to offer an alternative to Among Us in which players must collaborate with each other in order to survive or betray everyone else

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If you love the InnerSloth studio game but are ready to try something new, this title by End Game Interactive is just what you are looking for. Your mission is to collaborate and find the team's traitor or kill everyone to avoid getting caught.

Traitor or crew member is a fun multiplayer strategy game along the lines of the iconic Among Us. The difference is that in this game, there are not only crew members and impostors, you can also play as sheriffs or jesters.

Crew members and sheriffs must complete all the tasks to win and survive. Sheriffs can also kill those they believe to be traitors, but if they are wrong and kill an innocent person, they will die too.

Traitors must eliminate all crew members and sabotage the settings. However, one of the most fun roles is that of jokers, who have to trick all other players and convince them that others are traitors and they must be killed.

Betray your teammates or work together as a team to win!

Otherwise, the gameplay is quite similar to that of the title on which it is based. Every time someone finds a body, it will be reported, and a meeting will start to discuss and vote on the possible culprits. You can participate in public games with people from around the world and also in private games with your friends.

This game also includes several maps and many customization options. You can also change your character's appearance and even play a fishing mini-game. Of course, it is free to download the APK file.

Requirements and additional information:
Susana Arjona
Susana Arjona
End Game Interactive, Inc.
This year
150.1 MB

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