BGEye will analyze all the components of your computer providing information about its features. Download BGEye free and find out whats inside your computer

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The amount of components in our computers becomes more numerous by the day, and have more and more specific names. A few years ago, if you said you had a Pentium III 500Mhz you would more or less know how powerful your PC was, however, if you now say you have a Core2Duo processor it doesn't offer much information. To solve this type of problem, BGEye offers us information about all our computers components.

  With BGEye we can learn the exact model of our processor, the total space and load of our hard drive, our RAM memory and how much is used at a specific moment, that amount of time the computer has been on, or the amount of different processes that are currently running, among other data.

  But the most interesting thing about BGEye, isn't what it shows on the screen, it is how it shows it. When we ask for the information BGEye will create a wallpaper bitmap, and it will activate it in Windows, so we can see it as our wallpaper.

  Once open the software stays open in the memory and process queue, and it is indicated by a small icon beside the clock. We will be able to configure it to update the information every now and then (normally every 60 seconds).
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
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