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8.0 Download BHO Remover for free and control the Browser Helper Objects that can turn out to be malicious for your PC. BHO Remover can clear malicious BHOs
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Computer criminals can be very ingenious when it comes to making viruses and malicious applications undetectable, and BHO files are a very good target to be infected without being detected. BHOs or Browser Helper Objects are files used by Internet Explorer to provide added functionality when showing certain websites. So to make sure they aren't a threat to our computer, it is necessary to control them with an application like BHO Remover.

Get rid of BHO files

This software, once installed, analyzes and shows every single BHO file that the system has registered. To do so, it shows the users all the data it compiles from the files, and it gives the user the possibility to eliminate all those that he/she doesn't want, as well as detecting via the Internet if the files that it has detected are malicious. Thus, both the user and the application's filter work together to detect and eliminate the threats from the BHO files.

Once we launch the application, it will show us the list with all the data obtained, and the user has to decide what to do, because BHO Remover, also known as SpyBHORemover, isn't an antivirus as such, and it doesn't stay active in the system tray.

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