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Big Solitaires 3D is a collection of 40 different modalities of solitaire. Download Big Solitaires 3D free and play a game of solitaire on your Linux distro

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If you spend your free time playing the popular solitaire card game, you'll surely like Big Solitaires 3D, a game that includes 40 different variants of solitaire for Linux. This collection of solitaire games offers OpenGL rendering to make the games even more striking.


  • Collection of 40 solitaire games.
  • OpenGL rendering to optimize the graphic aspect. Includes appealing visual effects.
  • Use several background images, even your own images.
  • Full-screen or window mode.
  • Options to undo and redo movements.

Solitaire is a card game that, as its name indicates, only allows one player to play. The aim is to order all the cards of the deck into 4 piles, Something which you'll need lots of patience and skill to accomplish.

You can now play solitaire on your PC. Download this software free for Linux and have a good time with a traditional, yet addictive, card game.

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