BigBrowser is a browser that allows us to see four pages at the same time. With BigBrowser you won't miss anything and you can browse several sites at once

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We're sure that on more than one occasion you have imagined yourself browsing the Internet, viewing several webpages simultaneously. Now you can with BigBrowser without having to open several browser windows. BigBrowser allows you to view up to four webpages within the same window of your browser. The important question is whether we'll be able to browse four websites at the same time.

Basic features

  • Allows us to configure a preset home page for each section of our browser.
  • We can change the size of each window.
  • We can swap the contents of the windows.
  • Incorportates buttons to refresh the page, go back and forth, and a home shortcut button.

What can a multiwindow browser be used for?

  • To compare two or more websites visually.
  • To have all our social networks open at the same time to see what's going on.
  • To manage a website by means of a CMS and view the web's end result.

Download BigBrowser for free and live the multi-browsing experience.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires Adobe AIR.
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