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With Bing Maps 3D you will be able to view the most important cities in the world in 3D. Download Bing Maps 3D and see the world with another perspective

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Bing Maps is the service offered by Microsoft by means of which we can check maps, just as we would do with Google Earth. Now by means of a small application, Bing Maps 3D, as well as being able to see the maps from all over the world, we can also see a real-scale 3D representation of the most important cities.

A new way of seeing the world

Bing Maps 3D allows us to view New York, Miami, Boston or other important cities, as if we were flying over them in a helicopter, as well as giving us access to a vast amount of information about these great metropolia.

The application installs as if it were a complement for our browser, and adds Bing Maps (Virtual Earth) with many extra visualization options (demographic density, real-time traffic data, weather,... ), as well as information about all the elements of the cities that we want to visit in 3D.

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Antony Peel
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