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bitaddress is an open source web application that allows you to generate Bitcoin wallets to print on paper. Obtain your Bitcoin keys with bitaddress

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A Bitcoin wallet is just a Bitcoin address with its corresponding private key. These elements are necessary to carry out transactions with the virtual Bitcoin currency. Now, with bitaddress you can easily generate a Bitcoin wallet from your browser to print it on paper and have it ready for whenever you want to buy something with your Bitcoins.

Open source Bitcoin wallet generator.

How bitaddress works

When you access the bitaddress website, a Bitcoin wallet will start being generated, you will be asked to move your mouse to achieve greater randomness. In a matter of seconds you'll have your Bitcoin address to share, and your private key with its corresponding QR codes. You can access the rest of bitaddress's options through its different tabs:

  • Generate a paper wallet to be printed.
  • Generate bulk addresses.
  • Obtain a brain wallet through a password.
  • Create a customized wallet.
  • Access your wallet's details.

Carry out safe transactions with Bitcoin and create your wallet with bitaddress.
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