With Bitcasa, never again will you be without hard drive space. Download Bitcasa for free, make backups on the cloud and access your files from anywhere

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Having hard drive space problems? Bitcasa is an online storage service that offers unlimited space on the cloud, able to meet the needs of any user.

Unlimited cloud storage space.

Bitcasa lets you store your files in the so-called "Bitcasa Infinite Drive". This is an online space where you can make backups of your movies, documents, photos, music and other files. But it also offers two interesting features:

  1. Share files, of any size, with whoever you want.
  2. Access your files from any platform. Bitcasa is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iPhone, and can also be used from the web.

Some Bitcasa features

  • Encryption of information.
  • Possibility of recovering deleted files.
  • Possibility to synchronize the entire contents of your hard drive.

Download Bitcasa for free, an option to be considered within the wide range of storage services available online.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The users will have 10GB free and unlimited space for a monthly fee.
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