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BitMeter OS is a tool to control your Internet connection. Download BitMeter OS for free and get to know the real speed of your Internet connection

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BitMeter OS is a lightweight tool that will allow us to keep track of the bandwidth of our Internet connection. On some occasions we aren't certain towards the bandwidth that our provider offers us in comparison with what we pay for. With BitMeter OS we will be able to check this easily.

Easily control your Internet connection with this practical program

This software runs in the background when we turn our computer on, and it registers the amount of data that we transfer over the Internet in a database, whether uploaded or downloaded. It only registers the amount, not the contents or the origin. To view this information, there are two options: by inputting commands in the terminal, o by means of a web browser window. When we install the program, a link is created to be able to view our bandwidth graphically.

BitMeter OS shows a monitor with the graphical representation of the uploaded and download data. We will also be able to create notifications so that the program lets us know when the amount of data decreases to a certain amount, change some preferences or use a calculator.

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Antony Peel
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