Download bitRipper to your PC for free, a program created to rip your films in DVD format and convert them afterwards. bitRipper accept the DivX codec

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bitRipper is a software application to be able to rip any DVD and then save it on your computer. Not so long ago, ripping a disc was a rather complicated task, nevertheless, it's now something very simple that you can carry out with programs that are as simple as bitRipper. This software includes a really minimalistic interface, that only incorporates options necessary.

  Depending on the codecs and rendering engines that you have installed on your PC, bitRipper will be able to codify in one format or another, of course, DivX is one of the codecs that it supports.

  The main advantage of ripping any film is based on the size of the file once the process is finished. Thus, without losing too much quality, bitRipper can manage to save a full DVD film in less that 1 GB of disc space, in other words, more or less a quarter of the original size.

  So, if you want a ripper that offers clear quality and a size and simplicity that is really noteworthy, we recommend that you download bitRipper.

  Regretfully, to be able to put more emphasis in simplicity, the developers have left out some options that advanced users may miss, but the vast majority of users will have more than enough with the video and audio options that bitRipper offers.
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