BitTorrent Acceleration Patch

Are you happy with the performance of the BitTorrent network? Download BitTorrent Acceleration Patch and accelerate the transfer speed of your downloads

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Everyone knows that the BitTorrent network is one of the quickest that exist, if not the quickest, especially for large and popular files. But everything is improvable, that is why programs like BitTorrent Acceleration Patch have appeared.

Greater speed for your BitTorrent downloads

Once we install and activate this BitTorrent network accelerator, we have to open the software that we usually use to download from that network, and BitTorrent Acceleration Patch guarantees an increase in the download speed. Furthermore, it can activate the download that we have paused, delete the damaged files and search for new trackers periodically, if necessary.

All the latter from an extremely simplified interface where the user will be able to see diverse information regarding the connection and transmitted data. Furthermore, when it's minimized, if we right-click we will have access to sites with P2P security advice, and different information regarding downloads.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
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