BitTyrant is a BitTorrent client based on Azureus that stands out for its speed. Download BitTyrant for free and share files very easily on the Internet

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BitTyrant is a program to download files by means of the P2P BitTorrent exchange protocol. This application is based on Azureus, currently called Vuze. BitTyrant is a version that tries to improve the speed of this file exchange client, and make the system, by means of which the files are shared, much fairer.

  This sharing system used by BitTyrant, is based on the fact that users have to send and receive the same amount of information. Therefore, those that send more will receive more. Thanks to the latter, the transfer speed of this system can be a lot higher than that of other BitTorrent clients.

  BitTyrant has a clear and easy-to-use interface. As this application is based on the old Azureus, its interface is identical, but with some improvements.

  The new feature of this application is the way in which it assigns priority to clients. This philosophy can make the download speed increase considerably compared to other clients. Try out BitTyrant and manage quicker download speeds.
Requirements and additional information:
This program requires that you have Java 1.5 installed.
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